Services for Aircraft Operators

Avocet’s EU ETS Outsourcing and Compliance Services are designed to keep Aircraft Operators offering Intra-EU flights fully compliant with the rules now – and into the future.

We offer two modular outsourced services as well as a carbon trading service:

  • EU ETS Compliance Service - a full implementation service designed to ensure that Aircraft Operators offering intra-EU flights can achieve compliance.
  • EU ETS Management Service - an outsourced aviation carbon management service for Aircraft Operators already compliant with the rules.
  • Aviation Carbon Trading - a service to enable aircraft operators to source exactly the number of competitively priced aviation carbon credits they need to match their reported EU ETS emissions.

Avocet’s EU ETS services are designed for airlines and general aviation aircraft operators, including business jet and non-scheduled passenger and cargo operators offering intra-EU flights

We also offer a monitoring service to international operators providing flights arriving or departing Europe on the complex moves towards a global aviation emissions solution by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).