Aviation Carbon Trading

Aircraft Operators offering intra-EU flights need to be able to source and purchase aviation carbon credits to match their reported emissions.  Carbon trading markets have emerged around Europe to provide emitters with a means to buy and sell carbon credits.  These are fast moving and complex markets where expert knowledge is essential.

The carbon trading markets are also designed for high volume trades, which can make it difficult for smaller Aircraft Operators to source and buy aviation carbon credits.  Avocet maintains its own pool of carbon credits to supply clients with the carbon credits they need quickly and cost effectively.

For larger volumes and more complicated trades Avocet has partnered with leading environmental commodities broker Vertis Environmental Finance. Our partnership ensures that we can provide clients with the ability to acquire the carbon credits they require at a competitive price. 

Through Vertis we can also offer our clients access to more complex carbon trading strategies.  These include:

  • Aviation carbon trading strategy development.
  • Spot and forward trading.
  • Structured transactions such as repos, swaps, options and other transactions.