EU ETS Compliance Service

Avocet, has developed a modular EU ETS Compliance Service to take aircraft operators offering intra-EU flights from any level of preparedness to full compliance in all jurisdictions.  We also keep operators up to date in the face of rapidly change rules and regulations as ICAO moves towards a global emissions solution.

Each module can be accessed on a stand-alone basis or used in combination to ensure complete compliance with all regulations:

  • Analysis Module: Gap analysis between the Aircraft Operator’s current procedures and the EU ETS requirements, including: policies, operating framework and risk process.
  • Planning module: Defining the work required to meet EU ETS requirements and preparing detailed implementation plans.
  • Reporting module: Production of monitoring and reporting plans and production of emission reports.
  • Implementation module:  Liaison with Competent Authorities, identification of accredited verifiers and opening of Aircraft Operator Holding Accounts.

Avocet’s EU ETS Compliance Service is designed to operate as a stand-alone service or to work seamlessly with our EU ETS Management Service to allow Aircraft Operators offering intra-EU flights to fully outsource the delivery of EU ETS compliance on an ongoing basis.